OctaWorm: A Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot


OctaWorm is a deformable octahedron robot intended for the exploration of cavities such as pipes and other forms of confinement. Two prototypes have
been constructed using syringes and a third prototype uses servo motors. The robot is able to negotiate complex in-pipe structures such as T-joints. The
locomotion capabilities were tested in different real scenarios. We expect this type of deformable structure might have potential applications in
medicine since the platform shows the capability of anchoring on the interior of soft cavities. In the future, small octahedral robots might be able to travel
inside blood  vessels.

Octaworm robotDeformation modes
Figure: The electric prototype of the octahedron robot (left). Example of natural deformation modes of the robot (right).


J.C. Zagal, C. Armstrong,, S. Li., "Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot", ALIFE XIII: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems, 2012.


Video Edition: Carlos Garcia, Voice: J.C. Zagal, Music: Camilo Stager


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